Century Flight Systems

Century I


Century I is an all-electric, rate-based, lightweight, single axis, roll/heading lateral stabilization autopilot. The system utilizes a tilted rate gyro to sense rate of turn and roll rate in its 3-inch lighted standard turn indicator. The indicator includes an inclinometer (ball) for slip/skid indications, and VOR/LOC radio signal tracking is standard.

Century 41


The Century 41 is a proven concept in autopilot design. Unlike competitive autopilots which are either rate- or position-based, the Century 41 uses both for more precise control and a smoother ride. Other features designed to reduce pilot work-load and fatigue include precisely synchronized pitch attitude and altitude hold modes, a pitch modifier, automatic and manual electric trim, and automated preflight testing. Anticipative VOR/LOC/GS capture automatically compensates for ground speed, intercept angle, wind direction, and distance from the station. “Automatic gain reducing soft enroute VOR tracking” means perfectly mannered station passage.

Century 2000


Century understands the real world of the cockpit and knows how to transpose these conditions to reliable hardware. Now it’s done in a way to allow each pilot the equipment needed to do the job. As new requirements arise, functions can be added as desired to the expandable Century 2000.

Century 4000


Similar to the 2000 the 4000 can add new requirements as they arise, functions can be added as desired to the expandable Century 4000.

Standard lateral axis features include Heading Hold, NAV intercept and track, fully coupled ILS approaches, localizer back course, VOR approach outbound intercept and track, lateral navigation steering and sequencing including en-route, terminal and approach segments with compatible GPS receivers providing ARINC 429 steering commands. The pitch axis comes complete with trim prompting, pitch attitude hold, altitude hold, vertical speed select and hold, glideslope capture and track from above or below the glide slope and is fully capable of LPV and LNAV/VNAV approaches with compatible GPS WAAS receivers. 

Triden Series


Continuing in the standard excellence Century Flight Systems introduces the Triden series autopilot. State of the art surface mount digital electronics make this autopilot the most reliable autopilot in the world. With more standard features this 2 axis autopilot will make your flight time safer, easier and smoother than you could ever imagine.