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TAS 600 Series

TAS 600

Traffic Advisory Systems (TAS), which are based on the technology originally developed for air-transport category traffic alert and collision avoidance systems (TCAS), have been available for general aviation aircraft for several years, but have been cost-prohibitive for many owner-flown aircraft. Until now. With the TAS600 Series, Avidyne offers four different dual-antenna TAS systems, tailored for the type of aircraft you fly. These feature-rich, affordable TAS600 series systems are fully TSO certified and fully ADS-B upgradeable, surpassing the performance capabilities of many higher-cost traffic systems and setting a new standard for active-surveillance traffic capability and affordability. Learn More



The EX600 features an all-new, high-resolution, sunlightreadable LED-backlit color liquid-crystal display that provides  the brightest, most versatile big-screen display available.  With over 40% more pixels than our previous-generation MFD, and an incredibly wide viewing angle, the EX600 provides the look and feel of big-screen MFDs. With the EX600’s “map-centric” operation and our new Map Panning feature, you can display a moving map of your flight plan and view datalink weather all along your route of flight. And view on-board Wx Radar. And special-use airspace. And traffic. And terrain. And color lightning. All without ever leaving the map page. It’s the only MFD available that provides the complete picture. And it’s the easiest to use. No longer available new.

IFD 540& 440


The IFD540 & IFD440 are designed as plug & play replacements for the popular GNS530 & GNS430 navigators respectively, but with bigger glass, a much larger screen area, and a much easier to use hybrid touch screen interface. And because they’re the same physical size, they use the same tray & antennas, and can be installed with no wiring changes, it makes it an incredibly easy and affordable retrofit for general aviation aircraft. Learn More

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