Instrument Panel and Fabrication

If you want a high quality instrument panel professionally designed and precision machined.  Look no further. This is the place where perfection is the standard.

We have designed and manufactured hundreds of instrument panels using CAD and CAM. We have a precision digitizer and other precision tools we use in the inspection and design process. Then we set to work to design the optimum instrument panel within the budget and equipment requirements for each airplane. The design is refined until we believe it is just right for the airplane, given the current and possible future equipment requirements.

After the design is agreed upon with the customer we cutout your new instrument panel using a three axis Panel Pro 5925 with precision servo motors. We also design and machine special brackets and bezels used to secure the equipment in the panel and create a strong and secure instrument panel. Panel prow'

The bezels and brackets we design and manufacture are unique in the industry and allow us to install a custom instrument panel in your airplane that is unmatched in precision and beauty, not to mention the correct ergonomics so that everything looks just right and is in just the right location for a pleasureable flying experience.