Used Equipment

We have a large inventory of used Avionics in Serviceable Condition with an FAA Form 8130-3, AIRWORTHINESS APPROVAL TAG.

We also have many in “as removed” condition for spare parts.

Lated updated 4/24/2013

Mfg Model # Part # Description
Aero Aetenna Tech AT 575-4 AT 575-4 GPS antenna
Aero Antenna AT575-9 590-1104 GPS Antenna
Aero Antenna Tech AT575-93W AT575-93W GPS  Antenna
Aero-Mech 8040B 8040B Encoding Altimeter
Aeronetics NC-7100 520-7100-001 RMI Converter
Aerosonic RC-30-V-LE RC-30-V-LE IVSI
Aerosonic RC-60-V-10-A RC-60-V-10-A VSI
Aerosonic C661009-0101 RC60V10A VSI
Aerosonic ANS-50 ANS-50 T&B
AIM 289-1DM 289-1DM DG  RMI
AIM 200-3 200-3 Directional Gyro
AIM IG-81A 289-1SM DG, RMI
AIM G-840A 43080-0000 T&B, Yaw amp.
Airborne 1G4-4 1G4-4 Dual Vac Gauge
Ameri-King AK-350-GNC300 AK-350-GNC300 GPS/Nav Switcher
Apollo Apollo 360 430-0256-00 Apollo GPS
Apollo 604 TCA 430-0166-002 Loran
Apollo 2001 430-0267-402 GPS
ARC CA-395A 42660-1201 Autopilot  Computer
ARC EA-401A 42540-3114 Encoding Altimeter
ARC IN-480AC 50570-1300 Nav Ind
ARC IN-442AR 43910-1000 Nav Ind
ARC R-846A 40200 ADF Rec
ARC IN-346A 40980-1001 ADF  Ind
ARC PA-495A 42964-4900 Servo
ARC PA-495A 42964-4000 Servo
ARC PA-495A 42964-2000 Servo
ARC IN-830A HSI610-1 HSI
ARC IN-385A 46860-1000 Nav Ind
ARC RT-308C 42450-1114 Nav/Com
ARC PA-495A 42964-2900 Servo
ARC PA-495A-1 43989-3908 Servo
ARC IN-385AC 46860-1200 Nav  Ind
ARC RT-485A 47360-1000 Nav/Com
ARC R-446A 43090-1028 ADF Rec.
ARC PA-495A-1 43989-4908 Servo
ARC B-445A 47240-0000 VOR/LOC Converter
ARC DV-103A 50500-0000 Dynaverter
ARC RT-328 42450-1114 Nav/Com
ARC F-1010A 46900-0000 Audio Amplifier
ARC 38547-0028 38547-0028 Alt Hold Chamber
ARC R-502B 31240-002828 MB REC
ARC L-346A 41000-1000 Loop Antenna
ARC PA-520B 40280-0028 Servo
ARC RT-385A 46660-1000 Nav/Com
ARNAV MFD  5115 LRU 453-2530-08 LRU
ARNAV MFD 5200 CDU 453-2550 MFD
Avidyne CD ROM D98-00003-01 CD ROM
Avidyne EX 500 700-00007-001 MFD
Avidyne MLB 700 700-00159-001 Datalink  Rec W Music
Avionics International AIS 200-35 Remote Switching Unit
Avtech 1229-1 1229-1 Battery Temp
Beech 46013 EGT
Bendix 551E 4000061C ADF  Ind
Bendix AN-5825-7 1648-6U-A6-1 VSI
Bendix DA-1203A 4000525-1212 Radar Antenna
Bendix IN-1102A 4000964-0203 Radar ind
Bendix T12B 1U02203 ADF Rec.
Bendix T12-C 201C ADF  Rec.
Bendix RT-1301B 4000966-0103 Radar R/T
Bendix 14602-1J-B1 Attitude Ind.
Bendix IN-2027A 4001295-2701 Radar Ind.
Bendix KI 299 066-3038-00 Radio  Magnetic Ind.
Bendix 5536F 4000495-8501 Autopilot Computer
Bendix 5486A 4000494-8501 Autopilot Mode Selector
Bendix 5485A 4000507-8501 Flight  Controller
Bendix 99251-3252013-0101 99251-3252013-0101 Altimeter
Bendix IN-2022A 4001373-2205 Radar IND
Bendix At-133A 4000765-3302 Radar Antenna
Bendix SG-832B 4000099-8504 Remote  DG
Bendix IN-831A 4000172-8502 HSI
Bendix EC-834A 4000202-8501 Compensater
Bendix/King KLN-88 066-4026-00 Loran
Bendix/King KR 87 066-1072-14 ADF  Rec.
Bendix/King KLN-90 066-04031-0101 GPS
Bendix/King KA-91 071-01545-0200 GPS Antenna
Bendix/King KLN-35A 066-01151-0101 GPS
Bendix/King KA-92 071-01553-0200 GPS  Antenna
Bendix/King KA 51B 071-1242-01 Slaving Accessory
BFGoodrich RNC6000A 805-10008-120 RNC
BFGoodrich CD-605 805-10007-002 CDI
Brittain TC100(24) 601-019-980 T&B
Castleberry 520-8130-004 520-8130-004 HSI
Castleberry 52O-7137-014 52O-7137-014 RMI
Century 1C465-1-303R 1C465-1-303R Servo
Century 1C465-1764R 1C465-1-764R Servo
Century 1C469-3-429 1C469-3-429 Servo
Century 1C469-6764 1C469-6-764 Servo
Century 1C470-1-303P 1C470-1-303P Pitch  Servo
Century 1C470-1-425P 1C470-1-425P Pitch Servo
Century 1C497-8 1C497-8 Controller
Century 1C515-1 1C515-1 Computer
Century 5000B-37 1U149-010-1 Attitude  Gyro
Century NSD-360 52D137-1332 HSI
Century 1D938-1 1D938-1 Altidude Preselector
Century 4000 1U262-015-5 Directional Gyro
Century 1C784-1-A85 —————- Servo
Century Century  2000 1D937-2050315YY15 Autopilot Computer
Cessna 9910213-2 9910213-2417-2 Static Inverter
Cessna 9910293-02 9910293-2494-1 Static Inverter
Cessna C661032-01 2800  (4810N1) T&B
Cessna C661040-0101 402-01 Airspeed Ind.
Cessna C668016-0108 512-08 Tach Ind.
Cessna 0570079-3 0570079-1 Audio interface
Cessna 31101W 31101W Directional  Gyro
Cessna 247003-202 247003-202 Audio Panel w/A/P relays
Cessna G-830A 41480-0000 Turn and Slip indicator
Cessna 2470010-1 2470003-1 Audio Panel  w/A/P relays
Collins 51R-6 522-2775-011 VOR Rec.
Collins 51R-7 522-2993-00 Nav Rec.
Collins VIR-350 622-2081-001 Nav Rec.
Collins RCR-650 622-2091-001 ADF  Rec.
Collins TCR-220 622-5337-001 HF Tranceiver
Collins VIR-30 622-0876-004 Nav Rec.
Collins VIR-30 622-0876-001 Nav Rec.
Collins 328A-3G 522-2644-011 Slaving  accessory
Collins FD-112V 622-1352-002 Indicator flight Dir.
Collins 618M-1 522-2756-014 Comm
Collins 51V-5 522-3743-00 Glideslope Rec.
Collins 51R-7A 522-2993-001 Nav
Collins 331A-3G 522-2638-001 HSI
Collins 33C-10 622-0555-003 RMI
Collins 618M-2B 522-4088-003 Comm
Collins 51RV-2B 522-4280-101 Nav  Rec.
Collins VHF-20A 622-1879-002 Comm
Collins IND-450 622-3671-001 DME IND
Collins VHF-251 622-2078-001 Comm
Collins 33IH-3G 522-3306 Nav Ind
Collins VIR-30M 622-0877-001 Nav Rec
Collins VIR-30M 622-0877-002 Nav Rec
Collins IND-451 622-3672-001 DME IND
Collins 332D-11 522-3985-001 Vertical  Gyro
Collins ADI-70 622-4912-001 Attitude Indicator
Collins TCR-451 622-3670-001 DME R/T
Collins 323A-2G 522-4945-001 Flux Detector
Collins CTL-30 622-4524-278 Nav
Collins GLS-350 622-2084-001 Glideslope
Collins PWC-150 622-2093-001 Converter
Comant CI  139 CI 139 Comm Antenna
Davtron 800 800 Digital Chronometer
Edo-Aire G-550A 1U367-006-6 F/D Horizon
Edo-Aire 52D75-10 28v 52D75-10 Turn Cord
Edo-Aire G-1050A 1U4007-001-1 ADI
Edo-Aire IG-895A 52D137-233L 4”  HSI
Engineering. Inc. PM 1000 II 11902 Intercom
Eventide Argus 7000 7000-10-15 Moving Map
Eventide Argus 5000 5000-20-15 Moving Map
Eventide Argus  3000 3000-00-00 Moving Map
Eventide Argus 5000/CE 5000/CE Color Moving Map
Eventide Argus 5000/CE 429055 Moving Map
Flite-Tronics PC-14D PC-14D Inverter
Foster  Air Data Sys. RNAV612 805D0450- RNAV
Gables 800-777-85-003 800-777-85-003 Transponder Control Head
Garmin 28/14 011-00181-00 Volt Converter
Garmin 28/14 011-00181-00 Volt Converter
Garmin GA 56 011-00134-00 GPS Antenna
Garmin GPS 155 011-00104-00 GPS Rec.
Garmin 010-10057-00 010-10057-00 28/14V  Converter
Garmin GPS 155XL 011-00412-00 GPS
Garmin GPS 150XL 011-00345-00 GPS
Garmin i-Linc 430-0270-800 MX 20 w/Traffic I/O
GarminAT A33 590-1104 GPS  antenna
GarminAT DB30 DME INTER 013-00108-01 RMI & ARINC Adap
II Morrow FC-01 430-0125-001 Supper Flag Adapter
II  Morrow AT575-9 AT575-9 GPS Active antenna
II morrow 428-0014 428-0014 Altitude alert indicator
King KAA-445 071-2003-00 Audio Amp.
King KGS 680 066-1003-00 GS  Rec
King KS-271 065-0028-00 Servo
King KS-272 065-00029-028 Servo
King KI-227 066-3063-01 ADF Ind
King KA-49 071-1050-00 Radar Antenna12”
King KC-290 065-0033-00 AP  Controller
King KS-271 065-0028-01 Servo
King KS-271 065-0028-05 Servo
king KGM-691 066-1035-00 Glideslope
King KDI-570 066-3003-00 DME IND
King KY-196 064-1019-00 Comm
King KN-72 066-4009-00 VOR/LOC  Conveter
King KSG-105 060-0013-01 Remote DG
King KI-201C 066-3008-02 Nav
King KA 119 071-1087-03 Audio Control Panel
King KPI-552 066-3024-17 HSI
KIng KMA-24 066-01055-0002 101067
King KDA-692 071-1217-01 RMI/ADF  ADAPTER
King KA 119 071-1087-01 Audio Control Panel
King KTR-905 064-1009-00 Comm
King KNR 665A 066-4006-02 Digital Navigation Receiver
King KDF-805 066-1047-01 ADF  Rec.
king KDA 696 071-1074-00 Battery Packed
king KCU 565A 066-4005-05 Digital Control Unit
King KCU 561 071-1060-06 Digital Control Unit
King KCU  578 071-1061-05 ADF-XPNDR Digital Controll Unit
King KCU 591 071-1062-05 Comm Control Unit
KIng KNI-520 066-3011-01 Nav Ind
King KFS-570B 071-1043-02 Txp  Control Head
King KTR-900A 064-1006-00 Comm
King KA-455 071-2007-00 Audio Amp
King KT-78 066-1034-10 Transponder
King KA-91 071-01545-0200 GPS Antenna
King KNR-600A 066-1026-00 Nav  Rec
King KFS-590A 071-1012-10 Control, VHF Comm
King KFS-590A 071-1012-09 Control, VHF Comm
King KFS-560 071-1013-08 Control, VHF Nav
King KDM-705 066-1037-00 DME  R/T
King KXP-750A 066-1025-00 Transponder
King KLN-90B 066-04031-1121 GPS
King KT-76A 066-1062-00 Transponder
King KT-76 066-1034-01 Transponder
King KNI-520 066-3011-01 Nav  Ind
King KT-76 066-1034-00 Transponder
King KLN-90B 066-04031-1421 GPS
King KX-170B Nav/Com
King KA-39 071-1041-01 PWR Conv
King KA 120 066-1089-00 DME/GS  Adapter
King 200-10069-0000 200-10069-0000 KT 73 Tray W/Config Module
King KCS 55A KCS55A-01 HSI System W/ BS
King KI-525A 066-3046-00 HSI
King KG-102A 060-0015-00 Remote  DG
King KXP 755 066-1041-00 Transponder
King IN-812A 066-3114-00 Radar Indicator
King KI-525A 066-3046-01 HSI
King KMT-112 071-1052-00 Flux Detector
King KA-51A 071-1053-04 Slaving  accesory
King KS-270 065-00027-0001 Servo
King KY 196A 064-1054-30 Comm
King KNS 81 066-4010-10 RNAV
King KX-155 069-1024-42 NAV/COM
King KMD 250 066-04036-0201 MFD  w/o GPS
King KLN 94 069-01034-0102 Color IFR GPS
King KI-202 066-3034-07 NAv Ind.
King IN 812A 066-3114-00 Radar Indicator
King IN 182A 066-3084-33 Radar  Ind RDR 2000
Kollsman MS28074-2 BB29534-10-004 Altimeter
L3 WX-10A 78-8047-0987-4 Stormscope
L3 78-8060-5900-8 78-8060-5900-8 WX-1000/SKY497 Display
L3 78-8051-9160-4 78-8051-9160-4 Wx-1000+  Processor
L3 78-8051-9200-8 78-8051-9200-8 WX-1000+ Antenna
L3 WX-950 system 805-10950-001 Stormscope System
LUN LUN 2456.01-8 LUN 2456.01-8 3×36  INV
Magellan Skynav 5000 ant. GPS Antenna
Mid-Continent MD40-61 2010072-61 CRS Deviation Ind.
Mid-Continent MD41-328 MD41-328 GPS Annunciation Control Unit
Mid-Continent MD41-528 MD41-528 28v ANN KLN89B/94
Mid-Continent MD26-28 MD26-28 AC Inverter
Mid-Continent MD 26-14 MD 26-14 AC Inverter
Narco COM-11B COM-11B Comm
Narco DME-195 DME  Ind.
Narco COM-11A COM-11A Comm
Narco DME-190 DME
Narco AT-50 AT-50 Transponder
Narco KI-248 066-3076-00 Radar Ind
Narco ID-825 ID-895 Nav Ind
Narco AT  165/K/VS 03609-0308 KT 76 XPD REPL
NAT RS08-001 RS08-001 Nav switch
NAT AA80-001 AA80-001 Intercom
North M1 M1
Northstar M1A M1A Loran
NORTHSTAR TSO-C129 1200-02-01 GPS  Approach
Northstar Avionics Loran Ant. 2011 Antenna coupling unit
P2 Sky Buddy Sky Buddy HDG/Altitude Reminder
RCA DI-1004 NI-585256-2 Radar  Ind.
RCA DI-1001 MI-585256 Radar Ind.
RCA RTA-1001 MI-585255 Radar R/T
RYAN WX-7A 175B26 Antenna
Ryan 9900B 70-2400 Processor
Ryan 9900B 70-2500- Display
S-TEC 01171 01171 Compass  Controller
S-TEC 01282-01-01 01282-01-01 Alt. Preselector / Alerter
S-TEC SA 200 SA 200 Altitude Preselector
Shadin 910532T 910532T Fuel Flow  Ind
Sigma-Tek 4000c 1U262-003-14 Directional Gyro w/ HDG Output
Sigtronics SPA-400 SPA-400 Intercom
Sigtronics SDB-800 SDB-800 Intercom
Sperry VG-14 4001808-901 Vertical  Gyro
Sperry C-14 2587193-33 Compass
Sperry BA-141 4016341-905 Altitude Indicator
Sperry AZ-241 4013241-901 Air Data Comp
Sperry FX-220 2594484 Flue  Det
Sperry C-14A 2587193-43 Directional Gyro
Sperry AZ-241 4013241-931 Air Data Comp
Sperry RD 650B 7000469-903 HSI
Sperry RI 306 4026206-915 HSI  HDG/CRS Controller
Terra TRI-Nav 0900-1100-00 Nav Ind
Trimble Gps Antenna 3025558 Antenna
Trimble 16248-20 16248-20 GPS antenna
Trimble TNL 2000A 13824-12-0211 GPS
Trimble 2000  Approach 81438-00-0237 GPS, Works
Trimble TNL-2000A 13824-12-0234 GPS
United 5934PA-1 5934PA-1 Altimeter
United 64121-02 5035PB-B166 Encoding Alt.
VAL ILS-400 801003 Nav  Rec.