Used Equipment

We have a large inventory of used Avionics in Serviceable Condition (SV) with an FAA Form 8130-3  AIRWORTHINESS APPROVAL TAG and (AR) As Removed condition.
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[Last updated 3/31/2023]

MfgModel #Part #Description
AspenEA100910-00013-001Adapter, Working when removed
AspenEFD1000910-00001-001Working When removed w/kit
AspenEFD500910-00001-003Working when removed w/kit
AvidyneFlightMax 650D98-00001-50Working When Removed
Avidyne IFD 440700-00179-00GPS/NAV/COM w/tray & Connectors
Avidyne IFD 550700-00182-020GPS/NAV/COM w/tray & Connectors
Bendix/KingAA2010V071-01549-0100ANTENNA ARRAY
Bendix/KingKA 285A065-00184-0100Remote Ann.
Bendix/KingKC 140065-00176-7703Working when removed
Bendix/KingKC 225065-00183-2701Autopilot Comp. Working when removed
Bendix/KingKI 209066-3056-01NAV Indicator
Bendix/KingKS 270C065-00187-2500Pitch Servo, Working when removed
Bendix/KingKS 271C065-00179-0200Primary Servo, Workinmg when removed
Bendix/KingKS 271C065-00179-0600Primary Servo, Working when removed
Bendix/KingKS 272A065-0061-13Tests good
Bendix/KingKS 272C065-00180-2700Trim Servo, Working when removed
Bendix/KingKS-271C065-00179-0100Primary Servo (ROLL)
Bendix/KingKT 70066-01141-0101Mode-S Transponder
EDO-AIRENSD 360A52D137-1332HSI, Overhailed
GarminGNS 430011-00280-00GPS/NAV/COM
GARMINGNS 530A011-00835-10Good unit.  Screen faded
GarminGNS 530W011-01064-40GPS/NAV/COM w/8130-3
GarminGTX 327011-00490-00Garmin GTX 327 Transponder
GarminGTX 330ES011-00455-60Mode S ADS-B OUT Xpndr
GarminMX20430-0270-502MFD, Works
Garmin ATMX20430-0270-700MFD (Works)
KINGKA 44B071-1234-00ADF Antenna
KingKDI 572066-1069-00DME Ind
KingKI 206066-3034-04G/S Flag Meter Bad
KingKMA 28066-01176-0101Audio Panel, Works
KingKRA 10066-1061-01Radar Alt. R/T
KingKRG 331060-0021-00Rate Gyro, working when removed
KingKS 271065-0028-04Tests Good
KingKS 272065-0029-13Tests Good
KingKT 79066-1053-00Transponder
KingKY 197A064-1053-3014V Comm
Mid-ContMD63-3102-380014-3Oil Temp $ Pressure Ga.
Mid-ContMD74-558-380104-5CHT/EGT Gauge
Mid-continentAttitude Ind4300-311Ele. Att Ind., 0 Degree, Works
Mid-continent DG3300-11DG Elec 10-32 Volt, Works
NarcoAT 15003606-0300 Transponder
NarcoID-124ID-124Nav Indicator
NarcoID-82503749-0301Narco ID 825 NAV Indicator
NARCOKI 248066-3076-00Radar Ind.
PS Eng.PMA7000BPMA7000B-3Audio Panel  working when removed
R.C. Allen InstrumentsRCA26BK-6102-0057-0228 Volt, 8 degree, Works
RCAWSIU-1MI-585323 Radio Interface Unit
S-TEC0104-10104-1A/P Cont. (Tested)
S-TEC64446444Remote Gyro
Sigma-Tek5000B-371U149-010-1Vac Horizon, Working when removed
SperryRD 650B7000469-903HSI
United6411Code D.38Mainfold Presure Ga.
United6511Code F.37Fuel Flow
UnitedKEA 130A5035PB-P57Encoding Altimeter
United8030Code B.552Airspeed Ind.